3 Helpful Resources to Get Your Etsy Shop Holiday Rush Ready

October is always such a surprise – in spite of the fact that we know it’s coming during the entire month of September.

Now is the time to avert that small sensation of panic in your gut by taking a few steps to get ready for the holidays. Here are three resources that can help:

  1. If you’re like me (busy with a family and a day job), you mostly ignore the Etsy blog unless a team mate calls your attention to a particularly good post. Now is the time to stop ignoring it. Check it out now, and keep checking in as the holidays unfold.
  2. Go sign up for Etsy’s Holiday Boot Camp, even if you know you won’t be following it to the letter. The emails are loaded with helpful tips, and the worksheets can come in very handy.
  3. And finally, check out “5¬†Best Tips to Get Your Etsy Shop Holiday Rush Ready”¬†from Etsy’s PromoJunkies – just in time for that nudge you need – BEFORE things get crazy busy!