Big win for artists in the U.S.

Those of us who eek out a small profit, or, if we’re lucky, a small living, on art or handmade creations, have been granted a fairly significant victory by  the United States Tax Court. Read more about today’s ruling in the 2010 case, in which the I.R.S. accused Susan Crile, an artist and a professor of art at Hunter College, of underpaying her taxes. They said her work as an artist over several decades was “an activity not engaged in for profit.”


Giddy about my latest creation

I admit that I’m probably a little over the top about this latest listing in my shop. It all started when I spilled my entire container of gemstone beads on the shag carpet last night. Halfway through the painstaking process of picking them up and sorting them out, I realized I was getting inspired. I have a really gorgeous collection! But honestly, I’ve been hoarding them. Rarely do I feel brave enough to pull out my highest-end materials. Strand costs $48? Yikes! Better save that for the really killer idea when it hits me.

But… like people who hoard good wine, saving it for the perfect occasion, I realized there are some occasions that may not be perfect, but they could be made a whole lot better by enjoying some of the good stuff!

So that’s what happened last night, and when I woke up this morning I decided it was time to look at my special stashes and make something amazing. Two elements presented themselves to me: A nice little set of hand-formed and painted ceramic beads in southwestern colors, and one of the two $18 Shibuichi bird toggles I splurged on a couple of months back, made by Green Girl Studios.

These two elements spoke to each other and to me. They asked for oxidized copper as a complement to their beauty, and sky blue African trade beads as spacers. When I was uncertain whether to aim the bird down toward the desert garden of beads, or up into the sky, I let the bird decide. So down she swoops!

So now I’m giddy. This one will be hard to part with – but I’m moving on now, back into the studio to see what other treasures I can pull out of hiding!