3 Helpful Resources to Get Your Etsy Shop Holiday Rush Ready

October is always such a surprise – in spite of the fact that we know it’s coming during the entire month of September.

Now is the time to avert that small sensation of panic in your gut by taking a few steps to get ready for the holidays. Here are three resources that can help:

  1. If you’re like me (busy with a family and a day job), you mostly ignore the Etsy blog unless a team mate calls your attention to a particularly good post. Now is the time to stop ignoring it. Check it out now, and keep checking in as the holidays unfold.
  2. Go sign up for Etsy’s Holiday Boot Camp, even if you know you won’t be following it to the letter. The emails are loaded with helpful tips, and the worksheets can come in very handy.
  3. And finally, check out “5 Best Tips to Get Your Etsy Shop Holiday Rush Ready” from Etsy’s PromoJunkies – just in time for that nudge you need – BEFORE things get crazy busy!

Gifts of the New Year

The new year has brought many surprises – from a stomach flu that conquered our entire family to burst water pipes all over the yard (in Arizona, freezing nights combined with plastic drip systems = homeowner’s nightmare!)

But the new year has brought some lovely gifts as well. Today I’d like to share some early 2015 features that have been published about my shop — at risk of blowing my own trumpet! (Please pardon the elephant pun…)
Turquoise Inspired Feature on ElephantBeads
The first feature began as a convo in my Etsy inbox, asking if I would like having one of my beaded rings featured in an online magazine. Of course, I was flattered, and said “Yes!” And then I forgot all about it – until I noticed my shop was getting views from Handmade-Jewelry-Club.com, and I went to check it out. Sure enough, there was the article, with one of my favorite seed bead rings featured!

The next feature also began as a simple convo – this time from one of my favorite Etsy suppliers, Ralph Helmrich, from UnkamenSupplies. For years I have been using artisan-crafted findings in copper and niobium from his shop. He asked if I would be interested in being profiled in his weekly blog, and I said “heck yes!” I provided him with a write-up for that one – mostly cribbed from the bio in my shop. The profile in the UnkamenSupplies Blog is one of my favorites of all time. Ralph did a beautiful job with the photo montage, and since the article appeared, I have enjoyed being a regular reader of his blog. I’ve learned many great tips and tricks about working with different metals!

Etsy Shop Goals for 2015 – a Template

I decided to set some more meaningful goals for my Etsy shop for 2015, and since PowerPoint is my way of life, I created a PowerPoint slide to post on the wall and help me track to the goals. I’m hoping this will build on the great momentum ElephantBeads had at the tail end of 2014.

Given that I have a full time job and a family, I tried to give myself enough time to reach each step of the goal. I found a couple of resources particularly helpful in setting my goals this year. If you are interested in getting your Etsy shop off to a good start this year, you might find them helpful as well:

Have you set yourself goals for 2015? Feel free to share them below!

Big win for artists in the U.S.

Those of us who eek out a small profit, or, if we’re lucky, a small living, on art or handmade creations, have been granted a fairly significant victory by  the United States Tax Court. Read more about today’s ruling in the 2010 case, in which the I.R.S. accused Susan Crile, an artist and a professor of art at Hunter College, of underpaying her taxes. They said her work as an artist over several decades was “an activity not engaged in for profit.”


Good morning!En…

Good morning!

Enjoy a meditative treasury of lovely items from two teams of talented artists.

‘Om…’ by ElephantBeads

Meditate on these calming creations from the STATTEAM and MCTT. Submitted in honor of the Joint Team Blitz!

3 oz Clamshell Breakaway Soy Candle Tart Melts - You Choose Fragrance - SerendipityCandle
Original ACEO Digital Art Print - A Monk Prays - LemachiDesigns
White cow photograph. Farm pasture dreamy vintage rustic sepia tone. Brown, white, cream, beige 8x8 art print. - RiskLoveFreedom
Baltic amber necklace minimalistic simple natural raw amber jewelry handmade in Israel - LenaMer
bracelet/wrist mala - 1treeyoga
Purple flower Felt  Brooch Large - lannarfelt
Arm warmers light gray - socksandmittens
Draped Cream Beige Blouse, Beige - Cream Summer Top - CIPORKIN
Print from original watercolor painting " Pink Flower in a blue dream" by Elina Lorenz - sublimecolors
Mosaic Wall Mirror, Square Mosaic Mirror, Mirror Tiles - GreenStreetMosaics
500 Hand-Punched Hearts w/ Mini-Jar - Black & White - Weddings, Scrapbooking Embellishments, Confetti, Papermaking - looneyjoontees
Faceted Agate Necklace. BIG Black and White Gemstone. B&W Cats Eye Beads.  Swarovski Crystal. Modern Edgy Fashion Statement Necklace. tagt - KapKaDesign
Owl totem necklace. great horned owl necklace. brown necklace. seed beaded necklace - BrandonArtists
Candle Holder Shabby Chic Rustic White Gold - Ready to ship - ShimmerPlace
Pink Linen headband with crochet flower / beautiful girl / bridesmaid / pink and purple - theYarnKitchen
blue bowl ceramic serving bowl handmade pottery - CurlyGirlieDesigns

Treasury tool by StylishHome.

Take a mysterious journey…

What a fantastic quilt of visual imagery, pulled together in a rare Etsy treasury that has become a whole greater than any one of its parts! I’m honored to have my tiger necklace included in this tapestry!

‘The Mysterious Gypsy’ by cidezines

Gaze into the sentiments of a free spirit. All of these pieces deserve an extra peek. This is a compilation of breathtaking charms and images that make these stony treasures pop.

Purple Jadeite and Silver Pendant Necklace Handmade - mywifesstudio Moonlight Over Spring - limited edition very large, giclee print of original batik - amityfarmbatik Turquoise pendant in sterling silver plated setting and turquoise hand beaded necklace with silver plated bicone and heishi beads - JewelrybyIshi Original Fine Art Oil Landscape Palette knife Painting Impasto textured Red Leaves by Elizabeth Elkin - trueartstudio
ORIGINAL 22in x 30in Watercolor Psychedelic Cala Lillies by Eddie de la Barca - samanthapayntr Chunky necklace, gemstone necklace, tiger necklace, beaded necklace - ElephantBeads Maria Island, Saint Lucia - 2012 - djeanbaptiste Cornflower Blue Faceted Chalcedony and Matte Gold Chandelier Earring Blue Chalcedony Gemstone, Blue Stone, Ocean Blue,  Aqua Gemstone - JewelstoTreasure247
Sterling silver wire wrapped, rose quartz ring - sierralovejoy Pastel Spring Flower Photograph, Macro Flower Photo, Neutral Decor Wall Art, Floral Home Decor, Pastel Pink Flower Art Print - MarascaPhotography Stonified Bracelet - flowingwiththeWIND Art print, moon and sun, 8"x10" PRINT,"RICE PADDIES" - coriehinton
SALE 25% Off, refund same day as purchase Photographs, Home Decor, Wall Art....The Silvery Moon ...5x7 archival Fine Art Giclee print - ImagineStudio Purple Speckle Stone Pendant with Crystal Clear Bead accent and Wire Wrapped - HeatherGaleaDesigns Autumn leaves, Canadian forest, fall decor, burnt orange, harvest gold, woodland print, walk in the woods - Fall 8x10 - bomobob Natural Labradorite Gold Ring-Labradorite Ring - Blue Labradorite - Stacking Rings-30-50% OFF Sale-Mothers Day - Invitrus

Treasury tool by StylishHome.