Gifts of the New Year

The new year has brought many surprises – from a stomach flu that conquered our entire family to burst water pipes all over the yard (in Arizona, freezing nights combined with plastic drip systems = homeowner’s nightmare!)

But the new year has brought some lovely gifts as well. Today I’d like to share some early 2015 features that have been published about my shop — at risk of blowing my own trumpet! (Please pardon the elephant pun…)
Turquoise Inspired Feature on ElephantBeads
The first feature began as a convo in my Etsy inbox, asking if I would like having one of my beaded rings featured in an online magazine. Of course, I was flattered, and said “Yes!” And then I forgot all about it – until I noticed my shop was getting views from, and I went to check it out. Sure enough, there was the article, with one of my favorite seed bead rings featured!

The next feature also began as a simple convo – this time from one of my favorite Etsy suppliers, Ralph Helmrich, from UnkamenSupplies. For years I have been using artisan-crafted findings in copper and niobium from his shop. He asked if I would be interested in being profiled in his weekly blog, and I said “heck yes!” I provided him with a write-up for that one – mostly cribbed from the bio in my shop. The profile in the UnkamenSupplies Blog is one of my favorites of all time. Ralph did a beautiful job with the photo montage, and since the article appeared, I have enjoyed being a regular reader of his blog. I’ve learned many great tips and tricks about working with different metals!


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