Waiting for the door to open

(Originally posted on Oct 16 2011 on my “Reflections” blog)


The last few months have been very fast-paced and hectic for me. I have been moving at high speed, ridiculously productive, and suffering a variety of stress-related ailments.

Then last week something happened that changed my perspective in a split second. I was opening the sliding glass door for my cat to come in and have breakfast. He and I have a ritual we’ve performed hundreds of times in the past several years. I open the door, and he shoots like a rocket into the house and inhales his breakfast.

Last week, as luck would have it, the door was stiff, I was slow, and the cat was faster than ever. Before I could get the door out of his way, he jettisoned his little skull directly into the glass. I heard a cracking sound, and knew it wasn’t the glass. I aged five years in the next five minutes, as I tried to coax him into the house. “This is how quickly things can change,” was the script running through my head.

As it turns out, he survived the incident with no ill effects. Amazing testament to the strength of feline skulls.

I, however, will not forget that moment. Later that day, commuting to work and in a hurry, I nearly shifted lanes directly into another vehicle. I thought to myself, ”wait for the door to open.”

Passion and energy are wonderful, but I am taking these recent events to heart. I’m focusing on taking things a little more slowly, being aware of the world around me, and tuning myself to the movements of others to avoid the cracking of heads.

Interestingly, my new pace allows me to break out of unconscious habits. I am aware that not only CAN life change in a split second – but it DOES. Every second is new, and nothing can be taken for granted.


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