Arizona’s poet laureate – Alberto Rios


alberto-riosIt will rain here in the desert tomorrow. The living world is hushed and still, waiting. Holding its collective breath.

Yesterday I was lucky enough to spend 90 minutes listening to the stories and poems of Arizona’s poet laureate, Alberto Rios. Look him up if you haven’t heard of him. Consider buying one of his books of poetry. I have ordered a few myself. Here are the last few stanzas of his poem about rain in the American Southwest, “Sometimes it Rains”:

This place is no different from any other, and rain is rain
Here as much as anywhere. But something happens

In the desert after rain has come. We sleep a good sleep
That night. In the morning, we get up and find ourselves

Standing on the shore of the new world. In the desert,
We watch, if we’re careful, and when we point at everything

We are complicit in the great magician’s trick of the rain:
Rain falls down wet and gets up green.

… You can find the whole poem on Amazon – just flip open “The Dangerous Shirt“, one of Rios’ magical books.


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