Awesome pancakes – gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free, corn-free

My son and I love to have pancakes for breakfast from time to time. I have tried various gluten-free mixes, but none really satisfied… or they were good, but they contained dairy.  Then I came across Allie’s Awesome Buckwheat Pancake Mix that we could both tolerate, and voilá! Yes, my “Aha!” is the discovery of another mix. You can learn more about why I use so many mixes if you’re wondering…

FYI – I am relatively new to gluten intolerance, so I’m only slightly embarrassed to admit that I used to think buckwheat was – well – WHEAT! But it is not. Read more about buckwheat – it is a nice grain to add into your diet.

We add all kinds of mix-ins: a handful of frozen blueberries, some sliced bananas or strawberries… whatever we’re in the mood for!

When we need some extra protein, I cook up some Applegate breakfast sausages. FYI, Applegate’s products are delicious, about as healthy as meats CAN be, and almost all Gluten-Free. They offer an FAQ on which ones are not gluten-free.

Bon appétit!


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