A word about allergy-friendly mixes…

In the first year of my gluten-free, dairy-free, corn-free, soy-free, egg-free journey, I spent many months avoiding all processed foods: anything pre-mixed in a bag or a box I assumed to be contaminated with additives.

My assumption was based on the number of boxes and bags I had to throw in the trash because of the high fructose corn syrup, the cornstarch, the casein and other processed milk proteins, the sulfites, and even the “natural” flavors in many of these foods. (Please note: there is frequently nothing natural about “natural flavors.” This is where your chemicals and additives creep in.) I plan to create my own “how to cleanse your kitchen” post, but until then, here is a great set of kitchen detox guidelines.

So it took me awhile, and several hours of browsing the organic section of my local grocery store (more about stores and my discovery of Whole Foods Market in another post), before I discovered that there are CLEAN mixes – and they save time!

This may be a good opportunity to mention that I work full time, spend 1.5 hours per weekday commuting, have a school-aged kid, and that we are busy with various classes most evenings of the work week.

Add to this: I prepare all of our food, mostly from scratch. I bake our bread and any treats, and I cook our meals all week long. We’re a family that doesn’t “do” leftovers very well. I can get two days out of a meal, but we all get cranky when we have to eat something three days in a row.

And I’m lazy. By that, I mean that I will always choose the quickest and easiest path, assuming it doesn’t create MORE work (illness, stomach cramps, headaches) down the road. I have learned to really enjoy cooking – but there are other things I love to do too, and I’m not going to spend every waking hour preparing food.

So – yes – I have discovered healthy mixes. They make me happy. You will see references to these mixes in many of my posts here. Please note that I don’t get any kickbacks for mentioning products. These are products I use and enjoy, and I want to get the word out. The better these companies do, the more products they will create. My kickback is their success!


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