Cooking 101 for families with food intolerances

Over the past two years, I have been on a journey of re-education. I have had  to learn how to shop and cook all over again. As a result, I have learned to serve delicious food to a family with intolerance for wheat, dairy, soy, corn and peanut.

Here’s the good news: It CAN be done! And we feel so much better. The improvement in our overall health and energy more than makes up for the extra work.

And the bad news: The American food industry makes eating this way exceedingly difficult. There are some inspiring exceptions that cater to the growing population looking for healthier alternatives.

In hopes that I can make the journey a bit easier for others, I plan to share some of my favorite tips and techniques here. I hope others will join in. Please add to the conversation with comments and shared links!


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