The amazing yucca stalk… Part 2 – the flowers

Welcome to the story of the “Amazing Yucca Stalk.” Part one tells the story of how this stalk grew.

Genetics can be surprising, including plant genetics. I have learned, in strolling through various resources, that the yucca plant may be in the same family with the lily. I think of one as soft and moist, the other as prickly and dry – but what they have in common is their glorious blossom. Here are a few additional facts about yucca blossoms:

  • Because of their magnificent, glowing flowers, yuccas are sometimes called “Lamparas de Dios,” or “Lanterns of God.”
  • Since 1927, the yucca has been the New Mexico state flower.
  • Yucca flowers in the New World are pollinated by “Yucca Moths.” These moths stuff little balls of pollen from the male yucca plant into the flower cup of the female plant.
  • The relationship between yucca and yucca moth is symbiotic, and yuccas that have been transplanted to places without the native moth will only seed if this process is carried out manually.
  • (The yucca moth that performs this fertilization process for the Mohave yucca is female. Here she is…)Image

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