Pinterest Tips 4 – Pin Descriptions

This is a great series of Pinterest Tips from one of my Team-mates on the Etsy D-Listers blog. I happen to be Chief Blogster for the D-Listers at the moment…

DTeam Blog

By Angee Perry, ABitCreativeAMP    ♥♥♥    So you have chosen WHAT you want to Pin, and your pins are expressive of who you are – your personal expertise. Today I will share some of the tips I have compiled from Pinerly about how to describe your Pins to have the greatest impact:


  1. The description holds 500 characters. This should speak volumes coupled with an image!
  2. Try to describe everything accurately and not just throw in keywords.
  3. Use keywords in your descriptions. Keywords will allow your pins to be found more easily via search.
  4. Make smart content; most people on Pinterest are college graduates.
  5. “Pin Curiosity” – Use an image that is a little bit out of place and then explain it in the description. People are curious by nature, use that to your advantage.
  6. Match your picture with descriptions to have deep meanings. If you interest people…

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