Transformations Through Art: A Tale of Two Artists

In December of 2011 I posted about my Etsy shop’s branding transformation. Angee Perry, a graphic artist with her own shop on Etsy – ABitCreativeAMP, had created a complete package of designs that lifted my shop out of “Do-it-yourself” mode and gave it a polished, professional look.

Well, recently I was able to return the favor when I gave Angee a transformation of her own! What follows is written in Angee’s own words:

ImageBeing a first time stay at home Mom to Ayden, now 18 months, I had no idea that I’d be so tired that I would even skip getting ready in the morning for the entire first year pretty much. I didn’t notice what kind of a sloppy mood my sloppy dressing was putting me in, but I did know that I wanted to finally do something for ME. That’s when ElephantBeads came into the picture šŸ˜€ She helped me pick out the right types of jewelry with an 18 month old in mind – a wire wrap bracelet that he could pull at without breaking, which I’d use to deter him from pulling my necklace or going for my earrings. I wanted to be a stylish Mommy, not the sloppy Mommy I’d become.

The day the package arrived I was SO excited!! I put everything on while in my paint clothes and I looked in the mirror and WOW!! I was SPARKLING on the outside the way I felt on the inside!! I cried tears of joy when I saw myself in the mirror – literally! I looked GORGEOUS in my paint clothes haha!! The last time I remember being so happy after putting on new jewelry was the day that I married Hubby – and that was 5 years ago!

It was at this moment I realized how sloppy my mood had been without my even being aware of it! It’s exciting now to put on nice clothes and style my hair, even though all I’m doing is chasing Ayden around the house. SO refreshing! The beads sparkle and move as I do – I can even see it as the reflected light bounces off the hallway walls – I’m the big bright spot now! Ayden has noticed the light on the walls too, always trying to catch them in his little hands. I am afraid to wear the earrings around him still, but once he’s a little older I know I have them.

Hubby noticed the jewelry right away – even after his long 14 hour day at work. THAT was amazing to me hehe. He thinks they look amazing, his favorite is the necklace. I plan on wearing the set on a much needed date night with Hubby. Boy do we need and deserve one of those HAHAHA!!

Thank you ElephantBeads! Thank you for making me SPARKLE on the outside the way I do on the inside!! I’m no longer the sloppy Mommy I’d become. I am, now and forever, not just a stylish Mommy, but a Mommy that SPARKLES!!


4 thoughts on “Transformations Through Art: A Tale of Two Artists

  1. It’s amazing what a little thing like jewelry can do for your mood LOL!! Being able to talk to the jewelry designer made all the difference. I told her what I was looking for in terms of my needs with my baby and she was able to go above and beyond. Just wonderful! I cannot say enough about Molly!!

    1. This was such a fun collaboration! I love working with customers on personal pieces, as they frequently have ideas for different combinations that would never occur to me. Working with Angee reminded me what it’s like to have a little one toddling around – and how impossible it was to wear earrings, or delicate jewelry! : D

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