Wild pigs in the suburban desert…

Javelina! Pronounce it with an “H” and enjoy the sheer power of the word! The animal who bears this name is powerful indeed. They look like little wild pigs, but they can really move those little hooves – and have been clocked at 40 mph!

These photos were taken just outside my front yard last week. Middle of the day, a group of four adult Javelina trotted briskly past my front window, down the path toward the park. There they quickly nibbled on some grass before turning left at the slide and trotting down the street south of my house. They were probably en route to their home in the desert, having dilly-dallied longer than usual foraging on new residential spring plantings.

Javelina are herbivores – luckily, considering they happily chomp on the needle-dense pads of prickly pear cactus. Anyway – enjoy this little bit of trivia from the Arizona suburban desert!

If you want to learn more about Javelina (including the big question: pig, deer, or rodent?) – check out the Arizona Game and Fish Department’s information on these interesting animals.



2 thoughts on “Wild pigs in the suburban desert…

  1. I feel lucky to have captured them on film in the ‘hood! Normally they are nocturnal, but they seem to be coming out during the day a bit more – perhaps they’re getting used to people, cars, etc.

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