I plan to make a number of these as stocking stuffers. Can’t wait to get started!

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By Megan Sweet, AddSomeStitches ♥♥♥

Use a cotton yarn of your choice – not bulky! I use Bernat Handicrafter, or Sugar n’ Cream cotton yarn: 4 ply, worsted weight yarn. Both of these work great! If you choose Sugar n’ Cream, buy 3 balls of the 2oz sizes. (I bought 2 balls and found myself about 10 stitches short.)

So, pick your yarn, get your hook ready, and let’s get started!

st = Stitch 
ch = Chain 
sl st = slip stitch 
dc = double crochet 
rnd = round

  1. Select a size G hook (4.25mm)
  2. Ch 4, form a ring by joining the first ch with a sl st
  3. Ch 40 (This will be the loop for hanging the puff- if you’d like it longer/shorter, you can adjust it now) sl st into the center of the ring
  4. Rnd 1: ch 2, dc 40 into center of the…

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