I Never Win These Things! (But I won!) – DTeam Tribute #2

Another member of the DTeam, the owner of Etsy’s DesigningImpressions shop, recently entered two giveaways to promote her shop and also to sustain the handmade artisan holiday spirit. I was the lucky winner for one of her giveaways! It was such a joy looking through her shop for just the right prize, I decided to feature her here so others might discover her works for the holidays and beyond.

You will find a number of categories of crocheted items in DI’s shop. My favorites are her little animal charms / zipper pulls:

Christmas Ornament Owl Plush Crochet Handmade Cute

DI has also begun marketing small handbags, Kindle sleeves, credit card holders, etc. – ALL of which I covet:

Business Card Case Handmade Crochet Yellow with Carabineer Christmas Gift

Red Ruffle Skirt Purse Fishnet Crochet Christmas Gift

Last but not least, DI makes these pretty little nest brooches – such an original piece of artwork to attach to your jacket, hat, purse – anywhere!

Birdnest Brooch Pin Blue with Three Eggs Crochet Christmas Gift

Thank you, Designing Impressions, for giving me the opportunity to win your Etsy shop giveaway! And FYI, here are the two items I chose from the shop:


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