Shop Makeover – Hello Elephant! (DTeam Tribute #1)

In the midst of the chaos of my holiday season, I have had the nurturing support of my team mates, in addition to their creative support to help keep my shop on track during a time when it might have declined. Angee Perry, graphic designer and owner of “ABitCreative” on Etsy, has designed a spectacular package of banners, avi’s, and other cool brand elements for my shop.

Angee worked with me very closely to get just the right look, and her ability to “interpret” the look and feel I needed was amazing! I told her “You know my Boho/Rustic/Natural-organic style. Also, I love elephants because they’re matriarchal and highly intelligent, mysterious beings – playful too!” – she added her own personal love of elephants, of the color green, and ivy/leaves, and now my shop has a fantastic new look.

See below for my original banner compared with my new shop page. As another teammate put it, my shop before had “no elephants in sight” – but my shop’s new look puts a gorgeous, wise, matriarch of an elephant front-and-center. I can’t wait to order my new business cards – and a coffee cup, and some t-shirts, and……    : D




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