Giddy about my latest creation

I admit that I’m probably a little over the top about this latest listing in my shop. It all started when I spilled my entire container of gemstone beads on the shag carpet last night. Halfway through the painstaking process of picking them up and sorting them out, I realized I was getting inspired. I have a really gorgeous collection! But honestly, I’ve been hoarding them. Rarely do I feel brave enough to pull out my highest-end materials. Strand costs $48? Yikes! Better save that for the really killer idea when it hits me.

But… like people who hoard good wine, saving it for the perfect occasion, I realized there are some occasions that may not be perfect, but they could be made a whole lot better by enjoying some of the good stuff!

So that’s what happened last night, and when I woke up this morning I decided it was time to look at my special stashes and make something amazing. Two elements presented themselves to me: A nice little set of hand-formed and painted ceramic beads in southwestern colors, and one of the two $18 Shibuichi bird toggles I splurged on a couple of months back, made by Green Girl Studios.

These two elements spoke to each other and to me. They asked for oxidized copper as a complement to their beauty, and sky blue African trade beads as spacers. When I was uncertain whether to aim the bird down toward the desert garden of beads, or up into the sky, I let the bird decide. So down she swoops!

So now I’m giddy. This one will be hard to part with – but I’m moving on now, back into the studio to see what other treasures I can pull out of hiding!


2 thoughts on “Giddy about my latest creation

  1. Thanks Megs! I think we all feel a little like geniuses when we create something special that we feel was inspired by something bigger than just our own imagination! This is one of those creations for me.
    : )

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