What do jewelry-making books and great relationships have in common?

I continually fight my addiction to buying books on Interweave about metalworking and beading techniques. Every now and then I give in to the urge, when a particularly intriguing book crosses my path. It occurred to me recently that my relationship with the books I buy is a lot like dating… based on past experience, of course, since I’ve long been happily married!

Some of the books I’ve purchased were great for a couple of weeks. Two to three fantastic projects or techniques tried, and then… nothing. I would open the book, flip through it, and toss it back onto the shelf. Like when you meet someone who is good for a couple of fun dates, but no real long-term spark. Other books, however, are complete page-turners from the moment they arrive, and they never drift very far from my work table. These books are continual go-to books. I guess in my very weak analogy, these would be the books that last a lifetime – like a good marriage!

One such book is Beaded Colorways: Creating Freeform Beadweaving Projects and Palettes, by Beverly Ash Gilbert. Even if you aren’t a beader, this book will fascinate you if you do any work that requires mixing colors. The technique for creating gorgeous “bead soup” has completely changed the way I  design. 

Gilbert helps you create your very own color palettes, based on color combinations you find compelling. Once you have created your own palettes, the sky is the limit in how you use them to design. So find this amazing book on Amazon.com or at the local library and get psyched about color!

 Beaded Colorways: Freeform Beadweaving Projects and Palettes


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