Ugly is the New Cute!

I confess that I love English Bulldogs and Scottish Fold cats. Show me an animal with an asymmetrical face or a pushed in nose, and I’m a goner!

That’s how I feel about the amazing creations at the Mystic Hills Ngaroma shop on Etsy. I want to take all of these adorable creatures home, and place them in surprising little niches in my house. It’s clear that the artistic couple who create them are infatuated with each one they create. For example, check out Miss Maudie, the Feral Farm Cat! Who can resist her vintage fabric and big 70’s spectacles?

Folk Art Cat Miss Maudie Our Feral Farm Cat

If you need something further down the spectrum from cute and cuddly to “so ugly it’s huggable,” check out “Igor the Creepy Grungy Monster Doll.” I mean, come on! How can we resist him?

Igor the creepy grungy Monster doll

Odin the Rainbow Troll is darn ugly-cute too:

Odin the Rainbow Troll Art Doll whimsy / Made to Order

For those of you who prefer cute to be, well……. CUTE, there are also companions for you at this Etsy shop. Check out “Mable the Sweet Prim Doll”. I dare you to resist her sweet little whimsical expression:

Mable the Sweet prim doll

Now that you have a taste for the kinds of creations you’ll find at Mystic Hills, browse a little on your own, and perhaps you will find a friend you can’t live without!


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