When cultures collide in art

I love art that brings together different cultures, spiritualities or belief systems. I think it helps us become aware of the connections that underlie all our perceived differences. Here are some examples for your enjoyment, ending with a necklace I just made that brings together Ireland and Ethiopia…

Below is just one of the many beautiful pieces created by Maia Waye on Etsy. I recommend a visit if you want to be transported to a higher level:

Patchwork of Life Fern  8x10

And here is a wonderful piece from FaerieBlueMoon, whose works blend a variety of spiritual systems, from Celtic to Cherokee – wonderful!

Earth Rising River Running Butterfly Tree Sun Moon Stag New Beginnings ooak drawing

The the works of PetCollage transcend more than just human mythical systems. Visit a shop where animals and humans come together in all kinds of exotic and sometimes alien ways!

cat buddha collage asian

Here is an amazing piece from WhimzWhirled. Beware visiting this shop, as you may get lost in the complexities!

No Boundries

Here’s my recent creation that blends Ireland with Ethiopia…

Ethnic Cross Necklace: Sterling Celtic Cross on a string of green glass Ethiopian trade beads

Thanks for taking the journey with me!


2 thoughts on “When cultures collide in art

  1. Thank you so much for featuring my work in your blog. I am a firm believer in cultures embracing and celebrating each other. Find the common threads and hang on to those things and you will have a full life. Start separating the threads and we fall apart.

    1. You’re welcome! I enjoy the way cultures complement each other with their differences and similarities. I enjoyed being able to introduce your creations among some of my other favorite artists who share their work on Etsy!

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