The Importance of Being Social

etsyshopI’m still brand-new as an Etsy seller, but I’ve been learning mountains of new things in just a few months. I will be using this blog to share what I’m learning, and document my early experiences in order to support others who are just getting started. I hope this helps a few others out there!

Thanks to several experienced Etsians, I now know that Bronto is the service Etsy uses to distribute the Etsy Finds emails. My earrings were featured in a treasury that was at the tail end of an Etsy Finds email on the 4th, and hence the spike! More than 400 views for my one pair of earrings in a single day! (The earrings in question:

This reinforces one of my main learnings as a new seller online. It is crucial to be as social as possible in the online marketplace! While this has been written about and discussed ad infinitum, I guess as a born introvert, I hadn’t internalized the awareness quite strongly enough. So here is my takeaway for you other introverted sellers out there, who are hoping you can quietly sit and wait, and the buyers will come: get out there and meet people! It’s so much easier (for me anyway) in a digital setting. And it doesn’t take a lot of time. Join a couple of teams, establish a Facebook page and a Twitter account (at a minimum), and start creating treasuries to support other Etsy artists. That’s it! Eventually, the ripple effect will grow, and your shop will begin to be sprinkled out into the digital space, and you’ll gradually see your visitors and fans increase.

I wrote a brief “Blog of Gratitude” to the Etsy teams I’m on (and I intend to write more about these teams in the future, and feature the active members, who are awesome artists and Etsy citizens). These teams have been my gateway to other Etsy social circles, and tip sharing has helped me focus in on techniques for building sales.


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