New Year, Tangled Inventory

InventoryOkay, so we are supposed to get organized now that it’s a new year. If you’re a handmaker, an artisan, you ended the holiday season with your supplies resembling a huge pile of pasta, with maybe some meatballs thrown in. It hardly matters what you work with. It needs sorting. Badly.

I thought it would be helpful to share some of the resources I aspire to use in the weeks ahead to get things sorted out. FYI, I’ve tried to find real blogs by real artists that aren’t trying to sell us anything. So here goes – a helpful list:

Tracking your shop  inventory – This spreadsheet from Etsy is very timely, and I intend to set aside a couple of afternoons (days?) to get started.

Organizing your shop – What a great blog! Lots of topics here, with photos, showing how different types of materials can be stored.

Organizing inventory if you sell in different venues – This year I aspire to attend some craft shows, and I am thinking these pointers from Meylah will be helpful.

– Art School Online’s Organizing your art supplies – Okay, this one is a little like listening to your mother – it’s all the stuff you KNOW you should be doing. Keep your workspace clear of clutter? Right! But it’s worth listening to your mother; and to the key points in this helpful blog.

Repurpose! – This is my favorite resource: Great ideas for using what you already have on hand, and don’t spend a penny!

Good luck with your re-org efforts! I know I am going to need it!


4 thoughts on “New Year, Tangled Inventory

    1. Megs – You’re welcome! And thanks for visiting my blog! In the next day or two I plan to post a list of helpful sites for identifying gemstones representing anniversaries, birthdays, states, etc. – it’s partly in self-interest, but I want all of them in one easy list for future reference!

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